TRIM Systems Pty Ltd (Trim) grew out of a long-standing family partnership specialising in computer software integration, training and development.

Trim now employs four consultants and trainers with an aggregate of over forty years of experience in the computer industry, and a breadth of experience covering hardware, software, training and management consultancy in a diverse range of organisations.

System Development, Integration and Technology Partners

Trim has a base of enthusiastic partners which has enabled it service your every ITC need.  These include Data and Phone System Specialists, Network Specialists, Desktop PC and Notebook Specialists and Server Specialists (both Windows and Linux).

Business Commitment

Trim has a commitment to excellence and customer service, and provides a comprehensive range of client-oriented services with all systems supplied. These range from ensuring that client needs will be met to providing ongoing support following installation and training.

Privacy Policy

Trim has a commitment to your privacy and security of data.  We use cookies to allow the tailoring of advertising on our site.  See our Privacy Policy for more details.